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This article will teach you how to find car parts Dubai or in Abu Dhabi. This can be done in 2 ways ( Locations or online )

The first thing you should do is to find out the make and model of your car. You can find this information on a sticker in the driver side doorjamb or from the title of your car. If you still don’t know, then you should contact the manufacturer or a dealership to get this information. Once you have identified what the make and model of your car is.


You can start by doing a simple google search for “Car Parts in UAE”. There are 2 ways to determine if you want a new car part or you can work with a used part. Depending on what part of the car needs replacing then from there you can determine if a new one or a used one will be best for you.

You can determine by the risk factor of that part along with functionality and usability.


Risk factor can be determine by keeping safety of the driver and passengers in mind. Example, Car Tyre, its always safe to buy a new car tire vs a used one. New one will give you peace of mind and ensure that they will function as required as all car tires come with warranty. Used ones, can be risky as they may have some issues that may not be visible to the naked eye such as crack or fractures that can expand under heat or rough terrain.

Main engine components such as drive shaft or engine block, you can get from a slightly used car as they are made from hard metal. With a used car engine, its either it works or it does not so its ok to find one used as long as the garage or the seller ensures its functionality with warranty. Any car part you get, if the seller does not provide warranty in writing then its best not to get that part as the seller even is not sure of its on going function and reliability.

Suspension components such as shock absorber’s ( coil or hyrdolic ) should be bought new. As from my experience, used one may not last that long even though upon purchase and testing they may seem fine but they have been used and may have been temporarily repaired by mechanics for a quick sale. So i would advise to buy a new one.

All electrical components should be bough new. Cosmetic stuff ( interior, dashboard, small replacement parts can be bough used as long as they look clean and fit accordingly).

Car Parts Shops

  1. Garages

  2. Junkyards

  3. Auto parts store



  1. Al Quoz

Abu Dhabi

  1. Mussafah

Parts of cars are not just found in junk yards. There are many different kinds of used car parts that can be found at your local garage, junkyard, or auto parts store.

Different types of used car parts include:

-Oil filters

-Transmission fluid

-Brake pads

-Spark plugs

-Air filters

You can do a google search under “ garages near me” or “junkyards near me” and “Auto parts store near me”.

Online Car Parts


You can do a google search the same way you will do as listed above. Its best of look for parts from 2 or 3 different online stores so you can compare prices. Online stores always give a better price then garages that sell you parts along with their service as this is one of their income revenue streams. Garages normally have a 20-30 percent profit margin on the parts they supply. Some doggy ones even will sell you a part from a used car and bill you for a new one. Some even go as far is repairing a part and billing you for a new one. So you have to be very careful.

Always buy your own parts and see how much the garage will charge you for installation. Then you can determine if to buy from the garage is hassle free and worth the time vs searching and buying one online. So it all depend on your time, money and effort.

Its best to use amazon or alibaba to benchmark car part prices vs what you will get here locally. Compare the price and then decide if you should go for an online purchase option or let the garage buy it for you and install it.

If you are planning on selling your new or used and want the best price options, you can read my blog here. Also you can find more of our blogs on our facebook page here

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