Vehicle identification number

1 Easy Way To read your Vehicle Identification Number?

Vehicle Identification Number

Vehicle Identification Number
Vehicle Identification Number in the UAE

How to decode or understand your vehicle’s identification number (VIN), also known as Chassis number here in the UAE.

Your vehicle ownership card here in the UAE is called a “MULKIYA”. As you can see from the picture above the location of the VIN number on your mulkia. It consists of 17 numbers and letters. They all together identify you car. We have always wondered what these letters and numbers actually mean. Here below i have listed what these numbers and letters mean and how they can be used to identify your car.

Vehicle Identification Number Breakdown

  • 1st character: Where the vehicle was built
  • 2nd and 3rd character: The Manufacturer

  • 4th and 8th characters Portrait of the vehicle- brand, engine size and type
  • 9th character: Security code that identifies the VIN as being authorized by the manufacturer
  • 10th character: Model year of the car

  • 11th character: Indicates which plant
  • Last 6 characters: Serial number of the vehicle

In order to accurately identify the car, you can always use the list above to identify your car. Hope this list has clarified what the VIN number actually means.

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2 thoughts on “1 Easy Way To read your Vehicle Identification Number?”

  1. Hello there
    Your blogs are quite interesting and valuable.
    Highly appreciate if you could help me to choose between a tiida 2016 model gcc or honda civic 2015/16 2.0 or corolla 2.0. All gcc specs.
    I would like to know which one of these is reliable economical and good engine and gearbox.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Sree,

      Appreciate your question. All 3 brands are a good buy and retain their value better than most of the brands. These cars are primarily bought by south and east Asian expats in the UAE and are mostly well kept. The most newer model would be better for your so look at your budget and get the most newer one out of the three. If you buy used then make sure you get them checked because if you end up buying a car which has been accidented and the seller makes you believe its not and then later you find out that it was accidented then all of your savings and its resale value would not matter because it will be a lost of investment for your because the person YOU sell to may get it checked and find out that it was accidented.

      So please get the car checked and out of my experience 6 out 10 cars in the UAE would have at least one panel painted. And 2 out of 10 cars with some major damage which was repaired. So do your due diligence and i will rank now the three options but at the end if you choice anyone would be fine.

      1. Honda civic – generally Honda is a bit better than Toyota in sedan market but in the SUV and 4X4 models, its Toyota first hands down and Honda is yet to produce a SUV or a 4×4 to even start competing.
      2. Toyota Corolla – Second to Honda in sedan market but it has its own fans. So either one would be a ok but apples to apples by putting them side by side with exact same specs, i would lean towards Honda its just a better production car in terms of construction, i always had a thing for Honda being slightly better but investment wise and resale both hold their value against their original cost so its up to you as you like either one, if in mint condition.
      3. Nissan tida- Lastly Nissan tida in the uae come in to shapes, hatchback or sedan. There are more hatchbacks then sedans in the market but, this also is a cash sale just like the other 2 listed above, the day you list them for sale and there is no damage, your phone will keep ringing from buyers.
      So, its up to you now based on your choice. But if you follow the above rank, then you should be ok. Just make sure there was no previous damage, if you do find one that you like and it had previous damage and repaired to look good, then get discount by negotiating. Best of luck

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