Here i will explain how exactly my service works. Its quite simple if you look at it. Say you decided to sell your car and do not want to be bothered with taking your car to many companies for evaluation and then find out that the offer they made is not what you were looking for. Or be bothered with listing your car online and having to show your car to so many people who will just waste your time until you find the right offer. 

Just fill out the form on my site and enter in all the required information within the form and hit submit. I will get the information and then i will give you a call. I will gather some more information once i call and for there on i will find a buyer for your car in the market. I have contacts with leading car companies and freelance car buyers. Once i know that the offer i got was a decent one, i will give you a call and will discuss the offers i have. Say you decided to go with one of the offers. 

I will ask  you to bring your car to the location where we will conducted the deal. Either at the buying companies location or RTA. 

Once there, we will let the buyer conduct an inspection in order to ensure that what he was told about the car is 100% correct. I will also be there in most cases and will ensure that the buyer is comfortable and the seller is also confident in the process. Once the buyer confirms the conduction of the car as discussed, we shall immediately proceed to do the paper. 

The paper work consist of:

1. Buyer will produce a “Mubaya”, which is a legal document for transfer of ownership.

2. The seller will bring his or her Emirates ID and the Car registration card.

Information of the seller will be entered onto the mubaya and signatures will be obtained. Once that this is done, at the same time the seller will paid in cash the amount agreed upon. Here the seller is free to go and the buyer will take the car and documents to RTA for transfer. I will ensure that all of this is done according to RTA policy and procedure and all parties are comfortable.

Its that simple, no waste of time and effort.  My service provides you with simplified way of selling your car without the issues of taking your car from place to place looking for a better deal.

Say if you don’t like the offers, I have given you and want to give yourself a chance, then in that case, I will also provide you with the options available which in most cases are lengthy and time consuming.


All you have to do now is fill out the form and let me start getting you confirmed buy offers and a Just car price.